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St Mary’s Cathedral and the Signet Library

St Mary’s Cathedral and the Signet Library

Edinburgh Wedding Signet Library couple portraits

As mentioned in the previous blog, this was not my first wedding for this family – I had photographed (with the help of Lena Larsson) Vicki’s sister Hannah’s wedding to Neil six years earlier at St Giles and the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh.  However Vicki was not to be outdone when I photographed her wedding to Craig at St Mary’s Cathedral and the Signet Library, also in Edinburgh.


I had some help from Kim Gates who took an hour out to get some pictures of the lads getting ready earlier in the day but this time I was on my own for the majority of the wedding celebrations.


Bride & Groom get ready for Edinburgh wedding


Vicki was getting ready at the family home in Edinburgh with the help of her bridesmaids before I left to capture some photos of the arrivals at St Mary’s.  I had been told there would be no photography during the ceremony and the couple had resigned themselves to the cathedral rules but after a chat with the minister I was told I could take pictures during the ceremony…something that delighted Vicki when I told her as she arrived at the ceremony.


Wedding ceremony at St Mary's cathedral, Edinburgh


The couple had arranged a gospel style choir who injected some real, upbeat life to the ceremony and I was able to capture a few choice photographs during the ceremony before the red London Routemaster busses took the guests on a Champagne tour of Edinburgh which bought us some time to take a few portrait photographs of the Bride and Groom in the Signet Library and surrounding old town before the guests arrived at the library. Flowers were provided by Planet Flowers who showed some spectacular work and large scale displays even filling the huge urn in the upstairs library.


Wedding photography around The Signet Library in Edinburgh


We had access to the Parliament Hall between the Signet and the Court Of Sessions, a beautiful room traditionally used for legal client meetings and had the chance to take some portraits there as well as shoot our wedding group shots.  It was great to get access to this historic room particularly as it is so beautiful.


Wedding at the Signet Library and in Parliament Hall


After the more formal photography the couple joined the wedding guests in the lower library where drinks and food were served.  Then it wasn’t long before the call to dinner came and the couple were piped in to loud applause and the piper was served the traditional dram before leaving the guests to the wedding breakfast.


Signet Library, Edinburgh, wedding drinks reception and wedding breakfast


After dinner was the speeches which were both funny and touching followed by a comfort break while the room was turned around and the band set up.  The cake was cut in the lower library before guests were invited to the upper library and the first dance.


Wedding breakfast and speeches at the Signet Library, Edinburgh


The band was on excellent form providing a mix of contemporary and ceilidh dance music which was enjoyed by all particularly as Vicki had provided several baskets of flip flops for the ladies in high heels so they could make the most of their moves on the dance floor.


Cake cutting and dancing at a wedding at the Signet Library, Edinburgh


Craig and Vicki proved to be an excellent couple to work with and the resultant photographs of the wedding day are a testament to their approach to the whole day.  All the best to Craig and Vicki on a long and happy life together!

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  1. Jean Warner says:

    St Mary’s Cathedral and The Signet! Both make such wonderful settings for photographs. Doesn’t it look great fun!
    What a wonderful record.

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