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The Smallest Wedding At Prestonfield House

The Smallest Wedding At Prestonfield House

Edinburgh Wedding at Prestonfield House


Okay, so this is officially the smallest wedding I have ever taken the photographs for – Bride & Groom with their two guests – winning the smallest wedding title over one at Fenton Tower where the Irish piper made the numbers up to five…though like me he wasn’t really a guest so maybe it’s a tie!  A small guest list doesn’t need to make the day any less of an occasion and the lack of extra guests changes the atmosphere completely, removing a lot of the pressure and time constraints.  Relaxed is not the word: Wendy & Jeff worried about nothing and their two best friends made sure there was still plenty of fun and laughter going around.


Bride and groom in Churchill Suite, Prestonfield House, Edinburgh, before the wedding


Coming from Bahrain meant the couple could enjoy the day they wanted in Scotland.  With both couples staying at Prestonfield House, Edinburgh, they were able to enjoy leisurely preparations which even included a shopping trip to Harvey Nichols in the morning!  I joined them in the Churchill Suite at Prestonfield just after noon to find everyone ready and enjoying a few laughs before the Celebrant arrived and last minute choices were made in the room…no worrying over the details in advance for this pair!


Humanist ceremony at Prestonfield House, Edinburgh


Prestonfield’s Leather Room was the intimate venue for the ceremony, so relaxed positions were decided on as we arrived and even changed as the ceremony progressed.  The Humanist ceremony allows for a very personal service and Jeff & Wendy were delighted, but not surprised as so many of the things they had said about what attracted them to each other matched so well.  After being pronounced man and wife there was another change of venue to the little used Tea House in the gardens where Champagne was opened and the signing of the register made things official and rings were exchanged.


Wedding celebrations in the Tea House, Prestonfield House, Edinburgh


The atmosphere was much more lively now but still relaxed as the friends laughed and joked while enjoying the bubbles and taking a few personal photos of their own.  After a short time to let all the excitement die down we decided it was time to take a wander around the house and grounds to take a few photographs.


Wedding photographs at Prestonfield House, Edinburgh


Prestonfield House has some lovely features and we spent some time outside taking advantage of them before returning to the house to finish up with the photographs.  I left the couples on their way to return to the Tea House where they were to enjoy a beautiful afternoon tea ahead of their luxurious meal later in the evening at Prestonfield’s top notch Rhubarb restaurant.


So, not only was this a small wedding but also a short one for me as I was only there for a little over a couple of hours. I hope the photographs will serve as a good reminder of the day and also let the relatives abroad have a glimpse into how things went (which I know the couple were keen to do – hence the rush to get this blog post online as soon as possible).  Wishing all the best for the future of Jeff & Wendy!

21 Responses

  1. Maire Taylor says:

    I am Wend’ys Mum in Napier, NZ and am absolutely thrilled with the photo’s you have taken. You certainly have captured the couple’s fun loving natures and the enjoyment of their special day. We are very grateful that we can view the photo’s so soon. Kind regards, Maire

  2. Jackie Grant says:

    Our family here in Napier NZ is totally thrilled to view these photo’s less than 24 hours after the happy event!!
    The venue was superb and Wendy and Jeff’s smiles say it all.
    Wendy said that her outfit evolved from the bottom up, with the shoes……and that does not surprise us one bit…just check them out !!!!
    Regards Jackie Grant (oldest sister).

  3. Evelyn O'Donoghue says:

    The pictures truly capture such a happy moment in both of their lives. The photos of the hotel, the dress, the shoes and the overall mood all compliment such a special day and for the bride and groom. I almost feel like I was there in person….Evelyn (Bahrain)

  4. Yvonne n Andy Saudi Arabia says:

    Great photos, congratulations.

  5. Claire says:

    A beautiful selection of photos that capture a truly intimate & personal affair. Lots of laughter, as I would expect of The couple, probably reflects the general mood of the afternoon. Thank you for sharing. Lovely.

  6. Katy&Mark/Saudi Arabia says:

    Gorgeous photos,gorgeous place!!! Congratulations soooooooo…… happy for you both

  7. Katy&Mark says:

    gorgeous photos,georgeous place. Congratulations!!

  8. Jim and Ian says:

    What fantastic pictures, you clearly had a wonderfu andl magical day. The venue looks superb and you both clearly enjoyed every minute of it!

    Looking forward to meeting up for that celebratory glass of champagne!

    Jim and Ian

  9. Jude n Trig says:

    Such wonderful photo’s of a wonderful couple.
    You have caught them both at such lovely carefree moments, totally natural.
    Such lovely news
    God bless….
    When’s the party bonny lad n lass?

  10. Wendy and Jeff were a delight to work with, even though the script mostly evolved by long distance! Humanist weddings do give the couple lots of freedom to express themselves and Wendy and Jeff both put a lot of thought in what they were saying, which made it special for me as their celebrant too!

  11. Dave O'Hara says:

    Congratulations to you, looks like you had a great time

    David, Paula, Chris, Haley, Amy and Isabella


  12. Cushla Donnelly says:

    Gorgeous pics. You two look like you had a superb day. Congratulations. You both look like you had a very special day. Cush x

  13. Cath & Shane says:

    Gorgeous Aunty! We are so happy for you both.
    Cath & Shane

  14. Beccy, Ryan, Braden and Fletcher says:

    Beautiful pics! Glad to see you had such a wonderful day!!!


  15. Jean says:

    What wonderful photographs, clearly captured without intruding on the party atmosphere- quite a skill especially with such an intimate gathering. What wonderful memories they will provide.

  16. Margaret says:

    WooHoo! What a gorgeous couple – what a gorgeous day – Congratulations! Mx

  17. Corri & Jonathan says:

    Sorry it took a while to post a message (being without the internet for a few weeks whilst we shifted was very inconvenient).

    Lovely Girl and Jeff Boy it is a pleasure to view these superb photographs of your very special day. The location and complete setting was simply perfect. And the Peacock; he was reigning supreme and very pleased to be in attendance by the looks of it. Very aristocratic!
    Everything about your day totally GORGEOUS!
    Looking forward to more viewing.
    Cin CIn, Nazdarovia, Salute`, Congratulations, von Harte, etc. from us at the ‘ridge

    CORRI & JB (Eskdale, Napier, NZ)
    PS – A big paw print of approval and affection from Squidgey Boy

  18. Mary McNeilly (Saudi) says:

    Really lovely photos. You look so happy and relaxed and it looks a fabulous setting. Thanks for sending the link. Can’t wait to see you back in Saudi as well. Mary (now Ross)

  19. [...] The very cold spring we’ve been having was a shock to a couple arriving from Hong Kong temperatures but Wendy & Philip embraced the cold and we worked out a plan of shooting in several locations in short bursts to allow them to warm up in the car between photographs.  We took in Edinburgh’s Old Town, the New Town, Leith’s waterfront, Gullane beach and even afternoon tea at Prestonfield House. [...]

  20. sandra watt says:

    I am a previous employee of Prestonfield House Hotel but there has been a extensive refurbishment done and it was a spectacular place then. Today it looks superb and your photographs capture the magic it provides. Beautiful images!!.

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