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Sun Shines On Glasshouse Roof Garden Wedding

Sun Shines On Glasshouse Roof Garden Wedding

Wedding photography at Edinburgh's Glasshouse Hotel roof garden.


It had been raining for the past month so it looked like Danny & Maarten’s wedding ceremony and reception on the rooftop garden at Edinburgh’s Glasshouse Hotel might be a wash out but the weather gods were smiling and the skies cleared to reveal real sunshine for the ceremony and most of the day.


Wedding photography is always the most exciting when faced with something new and the Dutch couple had planned a unique day with some lovely additions to make the day family friendly and lots of fun. The lawn of the roof garden was covered with bean bags, flowers, games and sweet ladened tables to entertain the children who made up around a third of the guests.  Set off against the architecture of the garden and the backdrop of Calton Hill the sun was the final ingredient for an ideal setting for the couple’s unusual but winning formula for a perfect day.


I joined Danny who was getting ready in her rooftop suite, overlooking the garden, where we could see a nervous looking but smiling Maarten pacing around the garden waiting for the first of the guests to arrive.  As Danny helped the kids get dressed, with some help from the family, I was able to take advantage of the unique location of her room to pop out to the garden through the glass door as guests arrived and pop back again when needed.  As the guests arrived and were served drinks on the lawn it was clear everyone was in good spirits and enjoying the sun.


Wedding photography Edinburgh's Glasshouse Hotel Roof Garden


Seating was arranged for the ceremony on a raised area off the lawn and so guests took their seats as the children played awaiting Danny’s arrival with their two children.  Unsure of where Danny would be arriving from, guests looked round until finally Maarten’s face was a picture seeing his Bride in all her glory for the first time.  Arriving at the top of the aisle, Danny pulled Maarten closer and guests remained standing during the ceremony which was very casual with kids still running round and much laughter.  After exchanging rings and being pronounced man and wife the newly married couple immediately launched into their first dance (with a little audience participation) before signing the paperwork and walking up the aisle and onto the lawn where guests congratulated the couple as drinks were served.


Photography of wedding ceremony at Edinburgh's Glasshouse Hotel roof garden


The reception continued with kids playing all around and diving into the sweets on their tables and the sun, thankfully continued to shine.  We took some time for a few more formal photographs, no groups, just Danny & Maarten with their kids (while their attention lasted) and a few more around the hotel.  We didn’t wander outside as even though the couple had been hoping for some shots showing typical Edinburgh backdrops, they didn’t want to take the time away from guests to take a trip elsewhere….the one drawback with the Glasshouse is there are few locations suitable for photography nearby and I think the decision to limit the portraits was a good one given the feel of the day.


Edinburgh Wedding photography at Glasshouse Hotel roof garden


A special treat to entertain the kids turned out to be enjoyed almost as much by the adults.  Animal Man’s Mini Zoo came along with a collection of animals for a petting experience that had the children captivated by a range of animals from the cuddly to the gross.  Once the children had been led through the range of animals some of the adults couldn’t help getting involved including the Bride & Groom.  From hissing cockroaches crawling across faces to the Boa around  the Bride’s neck it was one of the more unusual photography experiences at a wedding but certainly went down well.


Edinburgh wedding photography of animals at Glasshouse Hotel roof garden


After the animal entertainment it was time to eat and the Glasshouse Hotel put on a barbecue which guests could help themselves to and enjoy at tables on the lawn.  And that was the end of my day at the typically Dutch style relaxed and fun wedding.  The rooftop garden had proved a great location and Danny & Maarten obviously had as good a time as their guests.  It was a great day and I wish all the best to the couple and the kids over the coming years.


Please feel free to leave a comment, which are much appreciated, whether you know the couple or not.

5 Responses

  1. Jean says:

    Absolutely splendid! What a clever [ and thoughtful] bride and groom to come up with such wonderfully innovative ways of putting fun for everyone into their wedding celebrations. Excellent photos -what a record of the day they will have!

  2. Danny says:

    Will cherish this day forever and thank you for taking such brilliant pics to remind us how lovely our big day was!
    And we take the ‘unique and unusual’ as a huge compliment.

    Thanks again!

    Danny & Maarten x

    • paul says:

      Unique and unusual is definitely a compliment. Most people are too scared to stray from what’s traditional in favour of what works. And what you did, worked!

  3. Lena says:

    What a wicked wedding! Wish I got to shoot it… Superb work as per usual!

  4. Gillian says:

    Wow I am getting married at this venue in June 2013 and seeing these photos has made me so happy as they are 100% stunning. Looks like a great day!

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