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Shooting HD Wedding Video On DSLR’s

Shooting HD Wedding Video On DSLR’s

I’ve just finished a two day course in video shooting and editing in Glasgow today and am mighty excited about the possibilities for the future.  Modern professional cameras are now able to shoot broadcast quality HD video and the temptation for a photographer to explore the possibilities of their storytelling through moving images is now greater than ever.


Before I became a photographer I studied Photography, Film & Television at Salisbury College Of Art, and so, 20 years ago, I was no stranger to shooting and editing moving images though much of my time was spent slicing and taping together bits of 16mm film and 1/4 inch audio tape on an old fashioned Steenbeck editing machine.  So although I knew the basics of editing together a film I have had next to no experience of the modern technique of doing the same job digitally, on a computer, using professional software.


I’m pleased to say that in much the same way as Photoshop uses digital tools to achieve what we used to do in the darkroom, so digital video editing uses much the same principles I used to use at college, all be it in a much more sophisticated and precise way.


My latest camera, the Canon EOS 5d Mark 3, has been praised for the amazing quality of HD video that it can capture and is being adopted my many professionals as the perfect camera for shooting quality video.  Add this capability to some of the amazing quality of lenses I use and the results are spectacular.  The usual video lenses are designed often with versatility in mind and the lower quality of results needed for video work.  Photographic lenses are often of a much higher quality so when used to shoot video the results often far exceed expectations.  I use some of the best lenses available for my photographic work and seeing the quality of video they shoot really blows you away.


Video editing software now makes use of this quality to allow you to make Photoshop style adjustments to moving images so the finish on video work can be of a terrific standard.  Imagine the kind of stylised vintage finish I give to my photographs in a video.  I hope I’ll be able to bring the same style as my photography work to videos I shoot in the future.


Of course there is still a long way to go: although great at shooting video, DSLR cameras are not made to record sound and the internal microphone is no good for quality audio.  A separate audio recorder and microphone is needed to do the sound justice.  Also a loupe is needed to fix over the LCD screen of the camera to be able to see the image and focus properly.  There are numerous extra accessories needed to turn a DSLR into a viable video camera but the potential makes the investment very tempting.


I can’t wait to see what it’s possible for me to produce in the future but one thing is for sure…it’s very exciting.  Take a look at the video used by friends of mine, the fabulous Izabelle and Emmi-Sabina, wedding photographers at 2 Brides in Stockholm on their website and you’ll see the potential of creative, artistic wedding video work.  Click here to link to their video.  Below is a still frame from the video.  Check out the rest of their site…they are not just friends but an inspiration.

Still image from 2 Brides wedding video

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