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How long will you stay at the wedding?

I want to make sure I have time to tell the story of your day properly, so all packages
include a minimum of 5 hours photography which will usually cover everything from getting
ready up until speeches before the wedding breakfast. If you’d like me to cover the
evening, including cake cutting, first dance, a ceilidh or whatever you have planned you
can add extra time to any package…and you only pay for the time I’m working: not the time
you’re eating.

Can we have a digital copy of our photographs?

Yes! Digital photography is the present and future and you should have a copy of all your
photographs for sharing now and in the future. That is why all packages include, free of
charge, a USB stick with high resolution copies of all your photographs, plus useful email
friendly and web ready versions to make sharing easier.

How many pictures will we get?

Getting the right number of pictures is very important to storytelling; too few and there are
gaps, too many and it becomes repetitive and monotonous. I produce a final edit of
around 180 photographs that I feel best tell the story of your day, with all the hard work
done for you. But what if there are other pictures I’ve rejected which you might of
included? Well, I also prepare an additional set of photographs with images that didn’t
quite make the cut – you may prefer to add or replace these into the main edit, or just enjoy
them yourself. The number of these pictures varies depending on how long your day was,
how many guests, etc.

What kind of group shots should we take?

It’s up to you to decide what you consider important on the day but my advice is always to
think carefully about how much time you devote to group photos on a once in a lifetime
day. My style of photography will capture many more photos of your guests than
traditional approaches and group photography is not the all important or only way to
remember your guests that it once was. Candid photography will give you natural looking
memories of the important people in your life and will capture all but the most reclusive of
That being said, group photography is a tradition and it is always nice for close relatives to
have a more formal shot to remember the day. Shots with parents, close family and the
wedding party are a good choice and, if time and location allows, you can also consider a
group photo of all your guests. Whatever you decide I’ll help ensure you don’t tie yourself
in to spending any more of your day than you’d like posing for pictures.

How long will we wait for our photographs or album?

My aim is to have the editing and post production of your photographs done in 2-6 weeks.
After that, when you have approved the selection of photographs for your album, you
should allow another 2-4 weeks for your album design to be put together and sent to you
for approval. After any changes are made your album is sent to production where it will
usually be ready for you within two weeks. These times can be shorter during quiet times
or longer during the height of the season but I’ll always ensure you wait no longer than you
need to.

How do we pay…and when?

You can make payment by cash, cheque or electronic transfer. A deposit of £250
safeguards your wedding date with the balance of your chosen package being due two
weeks before your wedding day, less a £300 completion payment not due until your
photographs are ready and in your online gallery for you to see.

What areas do you cover?

Most of my work is done in the central belt of Scotland, Fife and the Borders but I regularly
take work further afield, including destination weddings abroad. I don’t charge for travel
time but mileage is charged if exceeding the 100 inclusive miles and travel abroad is
usually charged to cover costs by arrangement.

What if none of your packages are what we are looking for?

I’ve created pre-priced packages to help you quickly see the kind of options you have with
me but those are by no means an exhaustive list. There are almost limitless options of
what you might include to create your own bespoke package and once discussing your
needs with you I can help you arrive at the perfect combination for your needs.

Will we meet before the wedding?

I always encourage meeting not only before you book but also in the run up to the
wedding. I find it important to get to know you so I can understand more about your likes
and dislikes and also so you can feel more relaxed about the photography on the day.
Sometimes it is difficult to meet up depending on where you live in which case regular
phone calls, e-mails and Skype are the best way to keep in touch and get advice when
putting your plans together. The most important part of the process is the final meeting
which often takes place at the venue where we will walk through the day hour by hour to
make sure we both know exactly what is happening.

Can we see examples of complete weddings?

I encourage you to see examples of complete sets of wedding photographs to help you
understand how I work and see the kind of quality you can expect from me. I have sample
albums which feature the photographs I have produced for clients but if you cannot make it
to a meeting to see them, I can arrange for relevant samples to be posted into an online
gallery for you to access.