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About Wedding Photography

Take a moment to stop and think about your wedding day

What is it about? Consider what is really important. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the details: what colour napkins; are speeches best before or after dinner?; who should be sitting at which table? These are all details, important details but not what your wedding is about. Your wedding is all about the boy who fell in love with the girl and the celebration of that love with family and friends.


Photography is the one lasting record of the day

It will be there long after the flowers, table settings and speeches are a dim and distant memory. It provides a true record of this important day – yes, the details and the people, but more importantly the emotions, the fun!


My Style

My wedding photography is classic and artistic, and spontaneously captures the real moments of the day. These are the images that, in years to come, will instantly recall for you the atmosphere, excitement and laughter. They may cause you to laugh or possibly shed a tear. They will provide memories you will treasure forever.
My work is not intrusive. My fly-on-the-wall style not only leaves you free to enjoy the day, as you should, with your family and friends, but also creates timeless images minus the pressure.


My Experience

I have 20 years experience as a press, magazine and wedding photographer and my priority is not about selling you albums or framed prints (though I can do!). My interest is in producing beautiful images. To keep up to date with real world photography trends I continue to work producing commercial images for print and online publications. Take a look at my work here…


Where I Work

Based in Edinburgh, most of my work is within a couple of hours of the capital, but I regularly work throughout Scotland and elsewhere in the UK. From time to time I will also accept bookings for weddings taking place abroad and to date have photographed weddings in places like France, Sweden and Spain.


The Choice Is Yours

Your wedding day is unique and your photography should be too. To that end, although I have listed pre-priced packages, I am always keen to come up with something bespoke to create your ideal photography package. This might be the actual contents of your ideal package or the post-production style, or maybe the finished look of your photographs and design of your album. There are lots of options. I will be there to advise throughout but the final choice is yours!